Friday, May 7, 2010

Secret Treasures - Antiqued Brass Locket Necklace on Vintage Chain

We all have hidden treasures within ourselves - hidden talents, dreams, memories, and beauty that has yet to come forth. I was thrilled to see Alice wearing a long, ornate heart locket in the Eclipse promo shots, because the symbolism is so perfect for her. Not only does she keep the secret of her family's identity, but she also keeps so many details of her visions close to the vest. For some of our favorite fictional characters like Alice, the secrets they carry are a little more complex than the everyday.

Wear this gorgeous necklace as a symbol of your own secret treasures. Each beautifully detailed antiqued locket hangs on a lovely vintage brass chain, with a sweet little removable czech glass accent. Choose between 4 beautiful locket options to make the necklace your own!

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Phyl said...

I picked this one up in the heart filigree. It's a very cute locket..nice long chain. Thanks!

NyaNya said...

My embossed heart locket arrived today and it's so beautiful! It's small and dainty, but I've already put my boyfriend's photo inside without problem. The details are amazing and the chain unusual - truly something special. I also have to comment on how accommodating and attentive Sarah has been - I will definitely be returning to Bella Bejeweled!