Thursday, January 14, 2010

In the Mist Necklace - Sterling Silver with Labradorite and Melanite Garnet

Photo Credit: SEA Photography

This stunning, bold design was inspired by the always overcast, misty, stormy weather that provides the setting for the Twilight saga. A handmade sterling silver setting holds a large, high quality labradorite gemstone. These labradorite stones are incredibly flashy, with tons of green and blue! A beautifully faceted black melanite garnet is the perfect accent - just a little glitter to the side of the stone.

Each pendant is hand crafted in solid sterling silver (stamped .925), and is created especially for you. The pendant will come strung on your choice of a black ribbon necklace, or a solid and sturdy sterling silver chain.

Add a little allure to any outfit with this beauty. The large, high quality, super flashy labradorite gemstones are approx. 12 carats each! Each stone is hand-picked for quality, colorful flash, and beauty. They are breathtaking!

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